Book Translations Testimonials

Book translation from English to German

Dear Johanne, Thank you for forwarding your notes. We can certainly arrange for a couple of books for you when they are printed. We will keep you updated. Thank you for your translation and assistance. It has been a pleasure working with you. Warm regards R.

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Translation of 2 book synopses into German

Wonderful.   Thank you very much for your help Johanne. I am sure I shall be in contact again with some more translations. Thank you re getting the book published in Germany – I’m crossing my fingers or as a German friend says “pressing her thumbs”. Best wishes Ruth

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English to German translation of the prologue for a book

Dear Johanne, Thank you very much. I have spent this day dealing with the rudeness of a translation company and it´s broken promises. So your attitude and quick work are like a breath of fresh air. The prologue was written by an Icelandic artist so we let it stand. These […]

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John Koch, author of “No Escape”

John Koch, author of “No Escape” included the following thanks in his German book: “Right from the beginning it was clear to me that I should use the new German spelling for the translation of NO ESCAPE – but this I could only do with professional help. Fortunately, I was […]

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English to German translation of graphic novel

Dear Johanne, Many thanks for all the enthusiasm and professionalism you brought to translating my comic book “The Green Man” into German. It was a great pleasure to work with you, and I know from the questions you asked and feedback you gave that you did a wonderful job in […]

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